Celebration for Life and the Defense of the Rights of Children in Memory of the Educator Karen Roberts

Amid a joyous and festive atmosphere, hundreds of parents with their children of the daycare El Sembrador (The Sower), in Peñalolén, met on Friday to celebrate life and in defense of the rights of children, in memory of educator Karen Roberts.
Children, daycare teachers and Karen Anderson, founder of EPES and friend of Karen Roberts, planted two puemos, native trees of Chile, in the plaza in front of the center as a symbol of life, which will directly benefit future generations.

Karen Roberts’s passion was to educate children. In 2001 she founded a nursery school in the congregation Prince of Prince, Clifton Park, New York, where she taught children aged three and four years. She devoted over 24 years to teaching, a vocation she had to leave in December 2015 because of an illness that finally took her life on March 11 this year.

Balloons and children on stilts and a lively drum group were part of the event, organized by Fundación EPES and Daycare El Sembrador.

Soledad Puebla, director of El Sembrador, thanked Karen Roberts for the promotion and defense of the rights of children. She also highlighted that Karen demonstrated solidarity in difficult times. She visited the daycare in 2006 when the site was part of a land takeover in Peñalolén.

Bishop Izani Bruch participated in the event, shared a blessing with the families of the daycare and also gave thanks for the life of Karen.

EPES team members and teachers distributed a flyer in honor of Karen. The inside pages display a poster on the universal rights of children.

Teachers filled balloons with helium and then the young girls on stilts released them into the sky.

After the ceremony, families gathered to share delicious foods such as empanadas and fruit kabobs.

EPES team members present, Hector Reyes, Rosario Castillo, Sonia Covarrubias and Karen Anderson were accompanied by Maria Carmen Cortes, a board member of the EPES foundation.

The EPES team is very grateful for what Karen Roberts gave us, her example and unwavering dedication and for having had the privilege of sharing part of her life.