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Lest We Forget

Keeping alive the memory of human rights violations and the suffering systematically caused by the military dictatorship is a prerequisite for healing Chilean society.

Celebration for Life and the Defense of the Rights of Children in Memory of the Educator Karen Roberts

Amid a joyous and festive atmosphere, hundreds of parents with their children of the daycare El Sembrador (The Sower), in Peñalolén, met on Friday to celebrate life and in defense of the rights of children, in memory of educator Karen …


Escuela 2016 participant Bethany M. Waggoner shares her impressions.

May 2016.- On a warm summer afternoon in January, breezes filled the air with the sweet aromas of the nearby sea. Six women stood up to sing before a full house

Responding to natural disaster

December 2015.- Helping communities rebuild after a natural disaster is a relatively new area of work for EPES in its 33-year history. When in 2010, EPES Concepción found itself at the epicenter of a massive earthquake/tsunami, we conducted relief efforts

Kenyan Women Graduate as Health Promoters using Popular Education Methodology developed by EPES

The transformative educational model EPES Foundation developed in Chile over the course of 32 years has been replicated today in Africa by the Hope Foundation for African Women (HFAW), a new non-profit organization that dignifies the lives of the most …


June 2014. What began April 12 as a forest fire at the edge of the city quickly raced down the slopes of low-income sectors of Valparaiso, reducing 3,000 houses to ashes and leaving 12,000 people homeless. Today, in the aftermath …