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Testimonies of persons connected with the Lutheran Church who participated in the Second International School of Popular Education en Health "Dignity, Empowerment and Equity: A course on Community-Based Strategies for Participation in Health with an emphasis on the community work of fundación EPES after the earthquake and tsunami in Chile," which was held in Santiago and Concepción from January 4th to 14th, 2011. Fundación EPES thanks the dedicated participation of the 19 persons from 8 countries that lived this experience through workshops, field trips, community-based activities, dynamic group work, and guided visits.



The Harvard Public Health Review features EPES’ work with devastated communities in Concepción.

Read “Rebuilding Shattered Lives in Chile.”  Download pdf here.

Download pdf here



EPES Receives Award from Comuna El Bosque

20/08/2010 – Normally when someone has a birthday, they receive presents. But at the 19th anniversary celebration of Comuna El Bosque, the southern zone district where EPES has its home, the custom was reversed. In a celebration held August 20, the Mayor presented EPES with an award in recognition of its contributions to local growth and development.

In a ceremony attended by some 2,000 residents, municipal councilmen and women, city authorities and the district’s two Congressional deputies, El Bosque mayor Sadi Melo Moya cited the “important presence” of EPES in Comuna El Bosque and its work “on behalf of the neediest” as evidenced by its “concrete contributions to promotion and prevention in the areas of health, human rights, gender equality and popular education.” EPES’ work in HIV/AIDS merited a special mention. The mayor also congratulated EPES for “bringing artists and students to the community to get to know its people and way of life.”

The mayor praised EPES (and a second group, the Professional Center for Community Action, CEPPAC) as outstanding examples of local organizations and NGOs for their “contributions to advancing the dream of a better future” for the community. 

Rosario Castillo, EPES Executive Secretary, received the award, accompanied by María Eugenia Calvin, head of planning. Both women are founding members of EPES, and, like the rest of the EPES team, they have a long history of work in El Bosque.

Mayor Sadi Melo Moya and EPES Executive Secretary Rosario Castillo.

EPES in El Bosque

In fact, EPES began working in Santiago’s southern zone in 1982, a decade before the El Bosque municipal district was created. EPES began as an educational program with shantytown residents in the sector. Since then, EPES has worked to promote community participation and mobilization for better health services with information and training on emerging or ignored issues, building citizenship in health through knowledge and the exercise of rights.

EPES’ relations with municipal authorities have evolved over time, from years of opposition to political and human rights abuses of the military regime to periods of constructive criticism and collaboration, while conversing its autonomy and direct ties to the community.

An excellent example of new forms of collaboration between EPES, the municipality and local organizations is the “Por Mi Por Ti, No + Violencia” (For Me, For You, No More Violence) campaign, now underway.   

In July, EPES signed a Protocol Agreement with the municipality to conduct trainings and educational workshops with health and welfare service personnel. The activities involve grassroots groups, and include mural painting, fliers, information stands in streets and markets, and conversations door-to-door

El Bosque is ranked among the 10 most impoverished districts of the Santiago metropolitan region, with a 3.7% indigence rate and a 15.8% poverty rate (well above the Santiago metropolitan area average of 10.6%).

Among the district’s most well-known landmarks are the Orlando Letelier Health Center (Comuna El Bosque is one of the few districts of Santiago that has renovated its health service infrastructure in recent years); the Lo Blanco Stadium and Park; the Mahuidache First Peoples Ceremonial Center; and the Anselmo Cádiz Cultural Center.

EPES’ offices and community hall are located next door to the Chilean Air Force base, half a block from the Gran Avenida, a major thoroughfare that crosses the entire district.


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