EPES’ celebration of 30 years of work culminated March 19 with the inauguration of a mural created by artist Carlos Lizama. Our three decades weaving dreams of dignity and the right to health for all are portrayed in this work of art, which now graces a wall outside EPES oðces. Measuring 13 feet high and nearly 40 feet across, the mural highlights EPES history and the people who were key in making these dreams become a reality.

In the four months Carlos Lizama and his assistants worked on the mural, the artist constantly consulted with stað in order to produce a detailed, graphic portrayal of EPES campaigns and aspirations. The mural captures the process of transformation of women from passive, submissive individuals to self-confident advocates who bring change to their communities and their own lives.


On one corner of the mural, two women peer from the window of a flimsy, wooden dwelling at a weaver symbolizing women of low-income communities where EPES works. On the other side, a young woman with megaphone in hand displays the bold spirit instilled by empowerment. In between them the artist reproduced in minute detail, even down to the stitches on the cloth, the lavender patchwork art that appears on all EPES 30 years publications.

EPES Executive Director Rosario Castillo noted that the mural and the 30 years celebrations “renew our commitment to justice and dignity in health.”

Former EPES Board member and nationally known human rights attorney, Fabiola Letelier, whose likeness is among those painted in the mural, described the mural as a motivating force “to continue fighting to achieve a democratic, egalitarian society with the active participation of working people”.

A video filmed during the inauguration ceremony is being played continuously at El Bosque public health facility waiting rooms and municipal offices.

Depicted in EPES’ 30th anniversary mural are people who have played an important role in the history of EPES, including Bishop Helmut Frenz (1933-2011). A brave and uncompromising «ghter for justice and human rights, Bishop Frenz ́ life testimony inspired thousands of people around the world, including the sta of EPES. He will be remembered wherever people work for justice and human rights. Above: At the inauguration of the mural, current president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile, Pastor Luis Alvarez, mentioning the role Bishop Frenz played in his own life.

Top photo shows the mural “Thirty Years Weaving Dreams”, depicting EPES’ three decades of work and people who helped make it possible.