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Women weave change in Latin America: Course equips women with capacities to transform their communities

Between November 2-20, Coady International Institute, in partnership with EPES, held its first leadership course for Latin American women, bringing together 24 grassroots leaders from 13 countries. Originally planned as an in-person seminar in Santiago, circumstances of the pandemic compelled …

EPES’ eleventh international training program: Graduates from eight Latin American countries are ready to change the world

According to Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator and philosopher, “Education doesn’t change the world, it changes the people who will change the world.” Since 2010, EPES has helped strengthen networks of health educators and advocates throughout Latin America and several African …

Nobel Peace prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel calls for an end to police repression in Chile

At a forum organized by EPES Concepción, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize recipient of 1980, decried police repression in Chile and pledged his support for the movement for social change.…

Lest We Forget

Keeping alive the memory of human rights violations and the suffering systematically caused by the military dictatorship is a prerequisite for healing Chilean society.

Celebration for Life and the Defense of the Rights of Children in Memory of the Educator Karen Roberts

Amid a joyous and festive atmosphere, hundreds of parents with their children of the daycare El Sembrador (The Sower), in Peñalolén, met on Friday to celebrate life and in defense of the rights of children, in memory of educator Karen …


Escuela 2016 participant Bethany M. Waggoner shares her impressions.

May 2016.- On a warm summer afternoon in January, breezes filled the air with the sweet aromas of the nearby sea. Six women stood up to sing before a full house